My journey through the world of keyboards - The end

November 24, 2022

“It’s arguably the best keyboard money can buy.” I told her. “The RGB is amazing, the symmetrically split design is a pinnacle of human ingenuity. It’s more customizable than anything I have ever seen. And best of all, it’s hot swappable.”

There was a pause, followed by an awkward silence that felt even more awkward because of clearly constrasting levels of enthusiasm from the two of us for the subject matter at hand: my Dygma Raise ergonomic mechanical keyboard.

“Sure. By the way did you bring yogurt on your way back? I reminded you twice this morning.” She finally said.


There is a reason why my wife’s abrupt mention of this particular dairy product hurt so much at that particular moment.

And to explain that reason, I need to take you back in time, to my childhood in a small South East Asian country, roughly the size of New South Wales but population of roughly seven times that of Australia.